Our First “Happy Tract” Has Been Ordered!

The first Happy Tract I designed and ordered

The first Happy Tract I designed and ordered

You may be familiar with “tracts.” They are small leaflets that typically have something to do with the Christian Gospel and the supposed method of avoiding damnation. Tracts have proven to be a great way to spread a message in person-to-person interactions. Yet, there are not really tracts around and available if you just want something to encourage other people without the baggage of religious dogma.

Enter… “Happy Tracts!” I designed and ordered my first Happy Tract earlier this week and should have a batch of 1,000 in the next few days. I am sorting out the details on how to provide them for others who may want to order them from me. Once I have that all figured out, I will post order info and the appropriate links.

Happy Tracts are a great way to have a small, but encouraging impact on a family member, friend, or stranger. Not only that, but it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself that you are wonderful every now and then! The Butterfly Flutter Project aims to encourage humans to impact other humans for the better, via tiny acts of kindness that can have huge impacts. The Butterfly Flutter Project is simple…

Every day:

1. Smile and greet at least one stranger- perhaps even engage in kind conversation if you have time

2. Tell someone you love that you love them

3. Share something positive on your social media

That is pretty much it!


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